Christian Creed

Christian Creed The conduct and behavior of the individual faithful in the MOST HOLY CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS are governed by the HOLY SCRIPTURES and partly summarized into the Christian Creed entitled "I AM A CHRISTIAN.”


I am a Christian,
I am offered to El Elyon.
A light in this world, I lead a spiritual life
For the glory of my Mother Church, The Most Holy
And for the glorification of my Holy Father, The Most High.
Striving to be peaceful and virtuous,
I have surrendered myself to the Almighty,
And ever willing to follow His teachings.
Compassionate and helpful,
I am a guiding light to my fellow men.
Serene and always patient, having a clean conscience,
I am an advocate of peace.

I am a Christian, full of Spirit,
Caretaker of the Doctrine of Brotherhood,
Helpful in the needs of the Church,
Supportive in the purpose of my land, The only Holy Land.

Loving the utmost blessings of the Great Maker
And always dwelling on the Scriptures day and night,
My eyes were set toward heavenly things,
That outweigh those that I held precious.
It is a treasure where my heart belongs,
And the reason that sets me free.

I am a Christian, most blessed,
I am not wanting of anything.
I was taught with Holy Knowledge, and was trained to fear the Lord.
I am fighting gallantly and know the answers to my faith.
His words are the shining armor that lead me and guide me.
Loved by Him, the Almighty One,
No power can take that faith from me.
The Most High God is on my side, I shall not fear no one.
With devotion and humility, I walk with Him.
 With Him, everything is possible.

 I am a Christian, follower of the Eternal King.
 A gem in the garden of heaven, model in his righteousness,
I fight the forces of evil. I am meek and self-effacing,
Diligent and honest in all my undertakings.
I heedlessly pray and seek his indulgences,
Trusting and thankful to my Merciful Maker.
I am a Christian,
I am obedient to the Lord, And to the Spiritual Leaders who lead me.
I am armored and prepared for the unexpected,
Most of all…I am happy, because I am a Christian.