PHOTOS - The celebration of the annual Church Thanksgiving conducted in Sacramento, CA on 12-28-2007.

PHOTOS - Pictures of church activities in the Philippines...marriages, baptisms, consecrations, etc. (Conducted by Church Minister Benjamin Carlos through the years).... 

P H O T O S - Church Thanksgiving Service for Ministers, Deacons and Deaconesses held in Chula Vista, CA on 07-26-08.  Similar service was held in Northern California, pictures to be posted later. 

P H O T O S - Taken during the celebration of the Foundation of the Church in Chula Vista, California on May 3, 2008 and with the brethrens in Oakley, California on May 10, 2008.  

PHOTOS - Pictures taken during the ANNUAL Thanksgiving celebration of the Most Holy Church Of God In Christ Jesus held n San Diego, CA in December 2005. 

PHOTOS - This is a compilation of some pictures taken here in California and in the Philippines during their church related activities.

P H O T O S - Footwashing ceremony and church services conducted in San Diego, California on 03-22-08 and Sacramento, California on 03-29-2008.

LINK -Link to the Most Holy Church of God In Christ Jesus in the Philippines

The brethrens in San Diego, CA joined by newly arrived immigrant, Sis. Isidra from Los Angeles, CA. 

PHOTOS - Some pictures of brethrens taken during Church services conducted in Northern CA in 11-07. 

PHOTOS - Pictures taken during some of the services conducted with the brethrens in Sacramento, CA.

PHOTOS - Pictures of some of the children of the Most Holy Church of God In Christ Jesus who attended the Annual Thanksgiving Celebration in Northern, CA in 12-2007.  These children are the future of the Church and to whom the brethrens are obligated to continue the propagation of their faith. 

San Diego celebrated tha Church's Thanksgiving celebration at the church in Chula Vista, CA on 12-26-09.